Q&A Time! Theme: Seasons!

Question 1: What season is your favorite and why?

My favorite season is definitely summer! I love being able to go outside and feel the warm sun on my skin. I love going swimming in pools, lakes, but especially at the beach. Beach season is the best season, so really, any time I get to go to the beach, that’s really my happy place, and my ultimate favorite thing. I absolutely hate cold weather, and especially the snow. I can barely stand being outside in the windy snowy stormy weather; it just hurts my face and why on earth do I live in a place where the air hurts my face? I would tell you if I could. Every winter I have the same thoughts of why do I live where I do when I absolutely hate every second of it for 1/4 of the year and only mildly enjoy it 1/2 of the year. I really don’t know. Summer is the absolute best time for me, but it definitely doesn’t make up for being miserable for the other 3/4 of the year for me.

Question 2: Describe some sounds and smells that you associate with winter.

Silence: like a eerie type of silence where the wind lightly whistles in the background, sending chills up your spine.

Sleigh bells: because where I live, Christmas is in winter, so I associate a lot of Christmas sounds and other Christmas-y things.

Internal screaming: the sound I make in my head anytime I think of winter and how horrible it is and how I once, again have to live through it.

Hot chocolate (smell): Literally the best smell ever and especially when it’s cold out. It smells warm, and you just get warm by inhaling it.

Cinnamon nutmeg and cloves (smell): These are also kind of like fall smells for me as well, but they are amazing for winter too, and I associate these spices with Christmas and Christmas cookie smells.

Question 3: Could you ever live at the beach or do you feel it’s just a place to visit? Why?

Uh yeah duh, the beach is the best, I would 100% live there all year round if I could. It would be the absolute dream for me! Bonus points if it’s a warm summer beach all year round, but I doubt that that could ever be my life. I love visiting the beach any chance I get, even if it’s winter, I love it (obviously I don’t swim in the cold, I just like looking out at the water). If I lived by the beach, I don’t think a single day would go by that I wouldn’t go out walking in the sand or at least going out to watch the sunset.

I would love to live in a beautiful beachside cottage where I have gorgeous view of the water from my bedroom window and I could wake up every morning to the beautiful natural light and the beautiful view of that body of water. Bonus points if it’s the ocean.

Anytime I look out at a vast lake or the ocean, I am absolutely mesmerized by it. The ones I have visited in my life have been surreal, like a dream, and if I was ever lucky enough to wake up to that view and weather every day, I would be living my ultimate dream. I would even be fine with waking up for an early sunrise walk most days.

Just writing about this makes me a little sad because it has been so incredibly long since I have been to a warm beach, and I know it will be even longer until I do get to go to one, if ever. And even worse, I doubt I will ever have my dream of living beachside in a warm climate and watching the sunset over the ocean everyday. I can only dream…

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