Posting Schedule

What types of posts you can expect from us each day of the week


Food for Thought

Ruth will start out your week with her own original existential-type question for you to take what need from. Think, discuss, learn, repeat!


Time to get Serious

This site has lots of fun, light hearted posts, but on Tuesdays, I will discuss serious issues on the topic of climate and social justice.


Photo of the week

On Wednesdays, we don’t always wear pink, but we will be posting original nature photos, some old, some new to just appreciate the beauty of nature.


Question and Answer posts

In these posts, I will be answering any questions that our readers submit. Feel free to ask us anything at all, anytime!


Nature Poetry

Another type of writing I love to explore is poetry. In these posts, I will share my own original nature/climate-themed poetry.


Fighting consumerism

I’ll share with you all the little steps I take to fight consumerism and live a low-impact lifestyle.