I’m going to the EcoSummit in Australia!

Big news to share!

Recently, I have been invited to the 6th International Ecosummit in Australia to present my Master’s thesis in June 2020. While I hope to use my savings to pay for as many of the expenses as possible, travelling across the world is expensive and I could use a helping hand for this great opportunity. I’m currently scrounging just to pay the conference registration fee which is almost $1000 so if you’re willing to help out in any way, I would really appreciate it!


Mish Mash – Podcast #4

In this month’s podcast we cover a range of topics. Charlotte discusses her journey to a zero waste lifestyle, we discuss various viral videos, composting, empties, popular toys, rage about plastic and much more. Enjoy!


Charlotte’s zero waste plan overviewDIY recycling; Walking stick that plants seeds; Tropiques Nord; Empties (Ontario); Composting (Montreal); LOL Dolls; Phone breaking (ugh); ISP snapchat: IncredSusPlanet

New and Improved… Welcome to ISP

It was about time Environment Now got a facelift… We have new members, a new name and a new look. Welcome to The Incredible Sustainable Planet (ISP) where you can learn about everything Earth-related, from tiny insects to whole ocean systems. Our primary interest is sustainable management on the planet at several scales, but we also like to have fun and branch out with our blog posts, so be prepared for a variety of topics. We will also be introducing a photo of the week segment as well as monthly podcasts that will also be live streamed on Instagram.

Let me introduce the ISP team:


Charlotte Hings 

Editor in Chief, Primary Blog writer

I’m a Master’s student at the University of Waterloo, studying social and ecological sustainability and a member of the ECGG research group. I believe that human development has drastically altered the environment and that people are drastically affected by the changing environment, but I also believe that people have the power and ability to develop in favor of the planet rather than working against it. I want to be part of the movement toward a sustainably developing planet, bringing synchronicity to economic resilience, social well-being and the environmental integrity.


Ruth Stewart-Patterson

Communications Coordinator, Multimedia Director, Outreach

I’m doing my Bachelor’s at Concordia University in Montreal, studying Communications. I have a passion for the environment and I believe that every action we do and every measure we take has an impact in one way or another. The future of our planet depends on everybody doing their part and even the smallest actions count.