About Us


Charlotte Hings

Editor-in-chief, Main Blog Writer

I recently completed my Master’s degree at the University of Waterloo, in environmental studies. I believe that human development has drastically altered the environment and that people are extremely affected by the changing environment, but I also believe that people have the power and ability to develop in favor of the planet rather than working against it. I want to be part of the movement toward a sustainably developing planet, bringing synchronicity to economic resilience, social well-being and the environmental integrity to transform current societies into societies that are not only environmentally sustainable, but are also culturally sustainable.


Ruth Stewart-Patterson

Communications Coordinator, Multimedia Director

I have my BA in Communications from Concordia University and am currently working in the film industry. I have a passion for the environment and I believe that every action we do and every measure we take has an impact in one way or another. The future of our planet depends on everybody doing their part and even the smallest actions count.