Let’s talk about H!P chocolate!

Hey everyone and happy Saturday! This week’s post features a cool product that I am not sponsored by, but am still so excited to tell you all about.

H!P Chocolate is by far the best vegan chocolate I have ever tasted, and it comes eco-guilt-free with it’s zero-waste packaging! It comes shipped in a carboard boxes with dissolvable packing peanuts. The outer layer of the bar’s individual packaging is also recyclable and the inner layer is a plant-based film that can be composted in a home compost bin. How rad is that?

The chocolate itself is made with sustainably and ethically sourced cocoa beans and oat m!lk. It is so delicious and comes in 4 flavors: creamy and smooth (plain), cookies (no) cream, salty pretzel and salted caramel. Our favorites as salty pretzel and salted caramel, so we ordered plenty of those this week!

Check out our latest TikTok post below to see what H!P chocolate is all about!


Let me show you why I’m so excited about this vegan zero-waste chocolate! #foryoupage #fyp h!pchcolate #hipchcolate #vegan #zerowaste

♬ Creative – SmiLE

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