Q&A Time! Theme: Other-Wordly

Question 1: An alien has just abducted you. Give three reasons why it should send you back to Earth.

Honestly I’m not good at vouching for myself or defending myself. I would probably just say I’m a very poor specimen of a human, and that I would be useless for any experiments they would want to conduct on me. Also, if they would send me back to Earth, it would be fine because no one would believe me if I told them I was abducted by them. I’m fully aware this is not a very convincing argument, so I guess they can just keep me and do whatever they want. As long as I get to look out the window of their spaceship for a bit, I’m fine.

Question 2: Name a fictional character you would love to have as a friend. Why do you think they would be a good friend to you?

My absolute favorite movie of all time is Coraline, so I would love to have her as a friend. I would love to go exploring with her, especially in the “other world.” As dangerous as that world is in the movie/story, it would be fun to experience it with her just for fun, especially the beautiful Coraline garden! I think we would be great friends because of our shared interest in exploring things and our curious natures. Even though she is really young, I still think we would have fun together.

Question 3: If you found yourself in Oz, what would you do differently than Dorothy?

Im really not a social person, so there’s a good chance I wouldn’t have talked to the scarecrow, tin man or lion. Especially not the lion. I would have just wondered around for hours with Todo, picking flowers and collecting rocks and other cool things I found. I would have also not been in much of a rich to get back home. Oz seems like an amazing place even if it’s just a dream. I would dream forever if I could.

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