Q&A Time! Theme: Life Happening

Question 1: Name something that you wish you had a remote control that currently does not.

In all honesty, my life in general. I wish I could just turn it right off when I’m fed up with it, fast forward through the hard and unpleasant days, press pause on the good ones, and and rewind to the good old times. Wouldn’t we all love to be able to this though? I guess that’s what the movie “Click” is all about. I don’t wish to manipulate the world around me, that’s too much power, but I just wish to be able to have some control over my own life.

The ability to this means we could do-over so many things, right our previous wrongs, act sooner on things like climate change. I know this is like some weird fantasy, but I think that as a species, we humans already think we are more powerful than other species. Having the high cognitive abilities we do, means that we also have a duty to respect non-human life forms and the life-sustaining properties and systems that the Earth provides us with so generously.

Question 2: Outline a mission statement for your life.

I feel like I’m not at a a point in my life here I can write a mission statement for my life, but I suppose tris type of thing is not something ever set in stone and always evolve with me and my life experience. So I’ll give it a shot and write a mission statement for now and what I think it is at this point in my life.

My mission is to really make some sort of important impact in the world in some way. I want to dedicate myself to fighting injustices; injustices of the environment, animals, people, communities, societies, and more. I feel like this is really big and broad, so maybe in the future, I will work on narrowing this down into something more tangible because at times, this mission can feel quite daunting and impossible to me.

Question 3: Pick one of the following careers: music DJ, sushi chef, or firefighter. This will be your job for the next 3 months. Why did you choose it and what benefit will do you think you will gain from it?

I would pick sushi chef! I think it would be really fun to try something new that I’ve never done before. I think I just might actually be really good at it too. I would love to learn how to make all my favorite types of (vegan) sushi, and walk away from the job with a new skill set. After three months, I imagine I’d be good enough to make my own sushi at home and for my friends and teach others how to do it too. Delicious sushi whenever I want, sounds like THE dream to me.

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