Q&A Time! Theme: Earth Day

—— Cover art by Annabelle (graphicsandgrain) on Instragram

Question 1: What do we need to do to spark the next wave of protections for our environment?

I think we have already done this! With the Sunrise movement, Greta Thunberg’s inspirational Friday’s for the Future, Extinction Rebellion, Intersectional Environmentalist, and countless other youth-led political and non-political organizations and self-proclaimed activists, I think it’s only just the beginning.

I think what really sparked these movements for young people is how we are able to look back throughout history and really see decades of inaction on the climate front. Us, being logical human beings, we look at this and think, ‘but why is no one doing anything, this is clearly so important and there’s so much at stake!’ (Or at least that’s how I feel)

In addition to this, I think that oppressed populations movements (Ex. BLM movement, indigenous peoples telling their truths of colonialism genocide more loudly than ever before) are speaking out and being heard more than ever. They are screaming out what they want, what they’ve always been saying and more and more people are turning around and listening.

I think that the next wave of eco-warriors and Earth protectors are among us and must and will be led by those most affected by it, that being BIPOC. Don’t get me wrong, we will all be affected by climate change, it does not discriminate, but people do, so when I say that BIPOC will be most affected by climate change, it is because our white-supremacist-settler-colonial society has ensured that it is so (learn more about environmental racism here and in my last post).

Question 2: What does “We must be the change we want to see in the world” mean to you?

To me, this saying is so so important. To me it means that if you want to see a change in the world, if you see something wrong, if you see injustices, if you see someone being hurt, then you absolutely have to fight for them as much as you possible can. If you want to see a brighter future for your kids, for BIPOC, for literally anyone, then you have to fight for that change for them, be part of that change. Always be fighting, always be striving for the changes you want to see in the world. Don’t just stand by and say “well someone else must be taking care of that,” you go ahead and you take care of that in whatever small or big way you can.

Question 3: What do you think are the top three things most harmful to the Earth?

1. White Supremacy

2. Consumer/colonial Capitalism

3. The Patriarchy

Any system designed to harm one group of people for the benefit of another is inherently bad for our planet. They support exploitative practices of both people and Earth’s resources and must absolutely be dismantled if we want to have hope of restoring balance and harmony to the way we live here on Earth.

See my previous post more more details on this!

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