Earth Month Challenge!

Coming off the Easter holidays, I just wanted to get wish everyone a happy Earth Month, and thought I could use this week’s Saturday post to kick it off with a fun challenge we could all embark on together.

I got a TikTok account recently (@progoverperf) but haven’t don’t much with it yet. I’m still discovering all the fun eco-inspiring accounts out there, one of them being which introduced me to this fun Earth month Bingo challenge!

I thought it would be so fun for us all to give this a shot! At the end of the month I’ll share my completed Bingo card and you can share yours with me too! I look forward to hearing about all your eco-adventures this month ❤️

We are all at different places in our eco-hour it’s so if this challenge seems really overwhelming to you, that is completely okay. Just make a couple of manageable goals for yourself this month, and do the best you absolutely can.

Even if you just manage to complete one item on the bingo card, always remember #progressoverperfection One person can’t do everything, but every person can do something.

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