Q&A Time! Theme: Would you ever…

Question 1: Would you take a hot air balloon ride? If so, name the perfect place to take the ride.

Oh I think it would just be so much fun to do this! I would do it anywhere really if I got the chance. If I get to choose now where would be my ideal place to do it, it would have to be some place with big mountains and valleys, with rushing rivers and lots of trees all around. Just all the beautiful elements of nature that I absolutely adore. As scenic and pristine as possible, that would be my favorite!

Question 2: As an adult, would you ever want a treehouse or a dollhouse? Describe it.

I would love either, or both really, but if I were to choose one, I think I would want a treehouse. It would be up in a really tall tree with a really long rope ladder leading up to it. It would be relatively small and cozy, just a small loft-like space. It would have a small place to sit, and a cushiony spot to lie down on the floor. Extra blankets for ultimate coziness. There would also be a little bookshelf with my top 10 favorite books in it, oh and a little coffee maker. It would be the perfect spot for quiet contemplation and me-time. The best place to watch a sunrise or sunset, take an afternoon nap or a quiet overnight retreat. That’s the dream.

Question 3: Would you ever sign a prenuptial agreement? Would it upset you?

Honestly, probably not, but I can’t really say for sure without knowing the full circumstances and the person involved. I feel like it has potential to undermine trust in the relationship which is why I would hesitate agreeing to sign one. Why would I marry someone who doesn’t fully trust me?

But I also understand that during divorce battles, emotions run high and strong and people tend to act out of character, impulsively and out of anger, so I get that it may just be a good precaution to protect yourself from those events.

I also think that planning for your divorce before your wedding just feels and seems wrong to begin with. So like I said, it really would depend on the circumstances for me, but I highly doubt I would sign one if asked.

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