Q&A Time! Theme: Have you ever…

Question 1: Have you ever watched something that made you cry? What triggered that response

Just recently, I watched the documentary Seaspiracy and and it made me cry a lot. It made me so emotional actually, I had to watch it in spurts and it took me a full 24 hours to finish. I was so worked up by it, partially because of the eco/climate anxiety it triggered for m, and also because it made me feel really sad for all the beautiful marine life that is being massacred daily, and for the people being taken advantage of and murdered just too keep the horrible fishing industry alive and functioning in all its corporate corruption. I honestly don’t understand how anyone can watch that documentary and not walk away pledging to never eat another fish ever again.

It pains me so much that this deeply corrupt industry is allowed to continue on virtually unchecked, and is actually being subsidized by national governments that cover up the damage. I am already so frustrated with the state of the world in general, and watching this documentary, really did not help ease that (but that was not the goal of me watching it).

Walking away from that documentary, I can at least take mild comfort that I have not contributed to the fishing industry by eating in many years. Overall (after an intense emotional breakdown) I can say that it definitely fueled me to to really push harder for change in the world. And to start that off I have officially started pledging monthly donations to Sea Shepherd, and I recommend any one else who can, to do so as well.

Question 2: Have you ever fallen asleep in public? Where are why?

Honestly who hasn’t at some point in their life? I’ve fallen asleep on the bus countless times, most of them on purpose. I used to have to take really long bus rides to and from university, so for me, those were always the best opportunities for effective power napping!

Question 3: Have you ever thought about climbing a mountain? If so, which mountain? What do you hope to gain by this accomplishment?

This is probably not this answer you’re looking for, but I’ll answer truthfully. I’d climb any low-risk mountain any day. What I look to get out of mountain climbing in general is not conquering some huge feat that few people have ever done in their lives. I just love mountains, because they are beautiful too look at and so majestic, and remind me of how complex and amazing our planet really is. What I would get out of climbing a mountain then, would be taking in all the natural beauty and fresh air that the journey would have to offer. That being said, I’m not really interested in climbing any mountain where you have to fight the elements for mere survival or where people have already died just trying to get to the summit to say they’ve done it. No, I would just climb a mountain to enjoy myself and be in nature, nothing more.

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