Q&A Time! Theme: Charlotte ruins imagination with #science

Question 1: Do you think dinosaurs and humans could coexist today? What would make that possible or impossible?

First of all, absolutely not. And second of all, here’s why: the extinction of the dinosaurs is the whole reason why small mammals were able to thrive and evolve, eventually, millions of years later, leading to humans. Only tiny mammals were able to survive during the Cretaceous because they were adapted to the Earth’s conditions at the time and could easily hide from the apex predators. If the dinosaurs were around today and able to survive the way that were back then, (and not as they are today a.k.a. as birds), then so many things would have to be different, many of which are not conducive to human life, not just how we live today in industrialized and developed society, but just merely surviving at all. It was the whole volcanic/meteor events that triggered the mass die out of the dinosaurs and the huge plants they ate, that led to the creation of all the fossil fuels we use today. If dinosaurs were still alive today with humans, there would be little-to-no coal or oil to use, which were integral in the expansion and growth of the human race. A win, in that sense for the planet, I suppose. So, in human-dinosaur co-existence, humans would still be living as hunter-gatherers, and probably not very effectively because we could not use fire (never mind even burning coal or oil) because the oxygen levels in the atmosphere would have to be so high (at least 30%) to allow the dinosaurs and the plants and other things they eat to grow to be so large. Just the smallest spark would trigger huge fires! Humans would also likely grow to be larger too, making us easy and delicious prey for the dinos. Not to mention, the planet would be HOT, much too hot for human survival. Think about it, reptiles cannot regulate their own body temperature, so they need their external environment to be really warm in order to survive, and I mean like, 35ºC average warm (today, the Earth is 16ºC average).

To conclude, heck no, because: the whole reason humans were able to come about on Earth was facilitated by the extinction of the dinosaurs; it would be too hot for human survival; if humans could survive, they could not use fire, a major discovery that led to the thriving and growth of the human race to eventually discover and burn fossil fuels that wouldn’t really exist because the way in which that dinosaurs that made the fossil fuel deposits died would not have happened; and finally, humans would be larger and harder to hide from the dinos, and would probably get eaten up right away.

Question 2: What do you think a turtle would be like without it’s shell?

Alright, so a turtle’s shell, is literally part of its body, it’s is like their skin, but it also contains part of their skeleton, almost all the bones in their body, but most importantly, their spine! The shell is what holds all those bones in place. They can’t come out of their shell, it is not something external to their body that they go hide in when they get scared. It is fused to and with their body, a vital organ of sorts, they are born with it and it grows with their body. If a turtle did manage to get out of it’s shell, it would look like melted jello. Think about it, if you removed the skin, some muscle, bones, and spine of a person, they would not survive. It is quite literally the same thing for a turtle. If the turtle did manage to stay alive and keep their shape, without a shell they would essentially be defenseless to their predators. Their shell is their primary defense against predators.

So, to conclude, a turtle without its shell, would be a dead turtle.

Question 3: If you fell down a rabbit hole, what do you think you’d find?

Oh my. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, is a great story full of imagination, but ultimately, it was just a dream. This makes the story cute and great and actually make sense, because anything is possible in a dream. And I suppose this is where the question comes from. But honestly, people can’t actually fall down actual rabbit holes, because, they’re not all that deep, and they go mostly horizontally or diagonally, not so much vertically/straight down into the ground. It’s really, more like a burrow, than a hole.

So if you “fell down” a rabbit hole, you’d probably just be getting your foot stuck in it, and all you’d find is rabbits, nesting material, food, and dirt.

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