Q&A Time! Theme: Just for fun

Question 1: While at the beach you decide to write a message in a bottle. What would it say? Who would you like to find it?

I would send a message to the end of the world. I would want the post-human civilization to find it (and hopefully they will also be able to read and understand it). I would write about all that is wrong in the world, how humans have turned against each other, against the Earth itself, to ultimately orchestrate their own extinction. I would write about how incompetent leaders were elected, who put their own interests of profit and fame above the needs of the people, and of the greater good. I would tell them of my own journey as a climate activist in a world that perpetually denies us. How we constantly fight for social change, vote for the people we need in power, but can never secure a win for the planet or the people. The agenda of the rich is always put above the needs of the people and the planet, and there is so little we can do to turn it around. They have no regard for the invaluable finite resource base that sustains life on Earth, for the people that put their lives on the line to protect it, they only care about short-term gains and how to turn the most profit quickly.

I would write about capitalism, the patriarchy, like they made no sense, because they don’t. I would warn this next society never to make these same mistakes, to treat the Earth, it’s gifts, and its protectors as sacred, as true wealth. I would tell them to always work together, and never turn against each other. I would tell them not to let their differences be polarizing or exploitative, but rather be avenues to for growth and understanding. I would tell them of diseases that ravaged the Earth because of the destruction of wildlife. I would warn them that Earth will always fight back, and will always win, and that it’s those who think they are above nature, or are the ultimate controllers of it, that are the losers here. You can never beat nature, you are not superior, you are part of it. I would urge them to find their place in nature, and work from there, rather than dominating and exploiting everything in path.

I would mourn my loss of a world that could have been so beautiful and peaceful. Hu mans had the power and the ability to have their cake and eat it too, but they were selfish, cursed with greed. I would tell them not to give anyone too much power or too much money, because that’s where things go wrong more often than not. Whether this next society is human or not, they can surely learn from these mistakes and must be weary of possible downfalls.

Question 2: Write 10 fortune cookie fortunes!

1. Always, follow your dreams. No, that's too cheesy. Follow your dreams, sometimes.
2. Don't do anything stupid today, because you'll probably regret it.
3. Put on sunblock, for the love of god, put on sunblock.
4. Don't litter today. Or tomorrow. Or ever. Just find a garbage can, okay?
5. Go hug a tree, but first, make sure you're not allergic to it.
6. Don't scratch your mosquito bites. Just take out your frustration on the mosquitoes themselves.
7. Say thank you to the little bird that wakes you up at 5 am.
8. Go watch a sunrise every once in a while, and a sunset. Bonus points if there's a body of water involved.
9. If it looks too cold outside, it probably is, stay inside.
10. There's no such thing as "killer" whales or bees, there's only killer humans. 😉

Question 3: Name the tope 10 things on your bucket list.

1. I want to see parts of the world, not the manmade parts like the Great Wall of China or the Tower of Pisa, or the pyramids; I want to see the most beautiful sights nature has to offer. like the Great Barrier Reef, The Badlands, The Grand Canyon, the oceans, the Dead Sea, the Himalayas and more!
2. I want to write a book.
3. I want to get my PhD
4. I want to do influential research, and to be part of the movement toward a better Earth in a big way.
5. I want to abolish capitalism
6. I want to see Big Oil fall to the ground.
7. I want to destroy the patriarchy, and see powerful women leaders all over the world.
8. I want to see justice for Indigenous peoples in Canada, and see real, substantive reconciliation happen.
9. I also want justice and powerful change for marginalized people everywhere.
10. I want to be a powerful climate and social justice warrior and make a real difference in the world, for the good of course.

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