She is a gift – a nature poem

Her vastness reminds me how small I am,
She gives me perspective.
Her sharp cold water sends chills through my body,
She gives me breath.
The power in her waves reminds me of the ruthless force of nature,
She gives me strength.
Her winds soften the heat of the unforgiving sun,
She gives me refuge.
Her sunsets remind me that any day can end beautifully,
She gives me hope.
Her gifts endlessly spread so far and wide,
She gives so generously.
I am not the only one indebted to her,
She is hurting and she is in danger.
I must protect her with every fibre of my being,
Do everything in my power to keep her safe.
It would be such a shame to let such natural beauty
Be soiled by the wrath of a selfish society.
I will keep you safe.

By Charlotte Hings

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