Relaunching this site!

After a very long hiatus, I have decided to, once again, relaunch this website. I’ve had this blog running for five (?) years now, and I feel that I am at such a different place in my climate justice journey than I was five years ago. I’ve gotten two degrees richer, (while the planet has gotten 0.1 degree warmer) have read, learned, and experienced so much, as well as met some extraordinary new people. This blog started out with a horrible name (Environment Blog) and as a fun “let’s learn about the environment” type of website, which I had so much fun creating content for. As I learned more in school, I discovered that that approach didn’t fit me as well anymore, and I wanted to create different content, try new media, and above all else, make real changes in my life. This is when I launched Incredible Sustainable Planet, and added an incredible Multimedia Director to my website’s team allowing us to start monthly podcasts and posting photos of the week. This site also followed me through my journey to a vegan zero waste lifestyle, that had me so stressed, that I realized I needed to take a different approach, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted that to be.

Not long ago I came across a new podcast called Dismantled by Intersectional Environmentalist, who I find I really align with in terms of where I am now in my climate/social justice journey. Also, reading Climate Justice by Mary Robinson, shed light on where my journey for change really has to focus. Among many things that resonated with me from consuming these works, was the recurring concept of progress over perfection. You don’t need a select few people doing climate justice work perfectly, but when you have one million people doing something, you can really make powerful changes. We, as individuals don’t have to do everything and do everything right, but instead, we have so much power together, doing the best we each can.

So here we are, doing the best that we can, in a world seemingly more divided and grim than ever, and not to mention, nearly one year into an unprecedented global pandemic. But here we are, despite it all, or possibly even because of it all, making the small yet powerful strides that we can, sitting in front of our little screens, wondering when we will ever safely breathe fresh air again (or maybe that’s just me). Okay I’m getting carried away now. Here is the content you can expect with our re-launch:

I’ve always wanted my blog to be original content only, but like I said, we all can’t do everything, and there are already so many amazing climate/social justice warriors out there doing so much! So, When I see some important things happening, I will link you right to these people and their works! Also, if you want to be promoted on my site or do a collab of any kind, feel free to message me here.

We will try and pick up the photos of the week posts, as Ruth and I absolutely love photography and photo-editing.

We’re pressing pause on the podcasts since we don’t really have a great set-up to add guests remotely, and listening to just the two of us is going to get really boring!

I’ll be trying to do more of what I love best, writing posts of all kinds (always taking suggestions)! We will also try to engage our readers more into our own lifestyles so you can see what we’re doing to live low-waste and low-impact. Again, in this domain, I am by no means perfectly living zero waste, as I aspired to a couple of years ago, but I have made so many great strides in that direction and have pretty much kept up everything I blogged about doing a few years ago (as far as pandemic restrictions at bulk stores can allow me to) at the very beginning of my zero-waste transition. The important thing is that we each keep moving in the right direction in every little way that we can.

Lastly, living at the epicentre of the pandemic in Canada is insanely stressful, and of course lonely. We want to engage with our readers as much as we can and will be doing Q&A posts so please ask us anything, just say hi or start a conversation with us!

There is so much in this world that needs to get done, that needs to be fixed, that needs to be set right, but if you throw yourself in too deep, you will drown, and the movement will lose a very important fighter (we are all important!). Always focus on what you can do, rather than doing everything! So come with us on this journey building toward a better world ❤

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